Catering Menu


Hummus Platter
$45.00Hummus Mosabaha, Hummus Moudammas,Hummus Tahini, served with sage bread 
Cold Meze Platter
$65.00Hummus, Baba ghanush, Labane, & Turkish salad 
Hot Meze Platter
$85.00Kibbe, Beef cigars, Potato cigars, Falafel, Beef grape leaves, Vegetarian grape leaves 
Vegetarian Platter
$75.00Potato cigar, Falafel, grape leaves 


Chicken Kabab Platter
$ 115.00Served with rice and Israeli salad 
Chicken & Kafka Kabab Platter
$115.00Served with rice and Israeli salad 
Halabi Beef Kabab Platter
$120.00Served with rice and Israeli salad 


Veggie Wrap Platter
$65.00Lebbane, Hummus & Falafel wraps 
Meat Wrap Platter
$95.00Chicken & Kafta wraps 
Mixed Platter
$105.00Lebbane, Hummus, Falafel, Chicken, & Kafta wraps 


Baklava phyllo
$45/personPastry filled with chopped pistachio nuts, honey-lemon syrup 
Date Cookies
$45/personSemolina dough stuffed with chopped dates and walnuts 
Osh Al-Saraia
$55/personCreamy yogurt pudding prepared with oranges and rosewater